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Grandfather and I

S.J. Artist K.G. Weiss’ Work Installed in Albert Music Hall

   WARETOWN - Saturday Oct. 14, 2006 was the first time that artist and gallery owner K.G. Weiss (a lifelong S.J. resident) had entered the Albert Music Hall. Home of the Pineland Cultural Society, weekly shows of down home music and the Pickin’ Shed founded by the Albert brothers. He was accompanied by friend and longtime regular visitor to the venue Richard Bishop. “It was exactly what I expected, except for one thing.” Weiss said: “All I really thought I would bring home was a fond memory and a C.D. But I also came back with a lighter heart and a much greater connection to my home. It was all due to the “real people” of the pines.”
   On that night songwriter Mark Miklos premiered his “Pocono Joe” and Eddie Connors took the stage with his old Gibson mandolin and three friends. Weiss adds: “While the mandolin and guitar were dueling over a great rhythm section, Mr. Connors stepped up to the microphone and said: “I wonder what the poor folks are doin’ tonight.” I looked around to see a room full of millionaires and I was one. I shed a tear. Thank you Mr. Connors.”
   You can see that the experience touched the Luminist very deeply. Weiss an artist trying to preserve scenes and heritage in his own way is donating an oil painting to the P.C.S. as a token of his appreciation: “For reintroducing me to a feeling I haven’t had for quite some time.” The work is entitled “Grandfather and I”, a black acoustic guitar accompanies a masterfully detailed mandolin that was made by the artists grandfather, Willie August Weiss and brought here with him from Germany in the 1920's.
   “Roy (Pres.) and Elaine (P.R.) seem as happy to receive the gift as much as I can’t wait to give it to them (all who enter the hall). What a great feeling.” The painting will be presented Saturday Nov. 11 during intermission, performances start 7:30 p.m. doors open at 6:30 p.m.  The Albert Music Hall is located at 131 Wells Mill Rd. (Rt. 532) in Waretown, N.J. with a $5 admission.

Washboard Player Extraordinaire
Washboard-Bluegrass Percussion

      "My friend, K.G. "Skip" Weiss is a multi-talented artist. He is an actor and singer-songwriter with an exceptional way with witty, yet thoughtful, lyrics that he writes. He is also an extremely talented painter whose works should be available in art galleries the world over. He is the New Jersey "Washboard Player Extraordinaire"! He is a polite, respectful stand-up guy and good friend."

           John Primerano / JPM Productions

Paintings: Are the property of the artist

and can not be duplicated or reproduced

in any way without written permission.

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