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K.G. Skip Weiss - Shazam! Shazam 2019


K.G. "Skip" Weiss

Location: Southern New Jersey
SAG-AFTRA ID #: N/A, non-union & union vouchers
Age: 58
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 265 lbs.
Look: long hair, slightly bearded, will change for specific roles.

Suit: 56 Regular, Executive
Pants: 46x30
Shirt: 2X, 18-18 1/2, 34/35
Hat: XL, 7-5/8
Shoes: 12

2003 Ford Ranger XLT Fx4, Toreador Red Metallic
(wine color, clean and dependable).

2016 Ford Focus SE Wagon, Ruby Red Metallic Tinted
(wine color, clean and dependable).

Other attributes:
song writer, washboard player, drummer, guitarist,
artist, oil painter, heavy equipment operator, CDL-B,
forge hammers and presses to 2,000 tons (not a mistake).

Recent work:
-Shazam! (feature film), Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pa.
  "Businessman Spectator" December 2, 2018
  trailer #2, lightning from my hands, scene, right side in overcoat
     Production Companies: Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, DC Comics, New Line Cinema,
                           Seven Bucks Productions, The Safran Company
-21 Bridges (feature film), Curtis Publishing & AKA University City, Philadelphia, Pa.
  "Pedestrian & Car" November 13-14, 2018 (union voucher)
     Production Companies: AGBO, Huayi Brothers, MWM Studios
-Snap Judgement (game show pilot), The 1896 Studios, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  "Contestant" May 30, 2018
     Production Company: ITV Creative
-Creed 2 (feature film), Sun Center Studios, Aston, Pa.
  "VIP" (Barclay & Russia Fights) May 21, 2018
  "Red Seat Press" (Main Event Moscow) April 5-19, 2018
  "VIP Spectator" (Ukraine Fights) April 4, 2018
     Production Companies: MGM, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, Chartoff-Winkler Prod.


Sopranos (TV series), Stugots II, transom lettering for season 6, March 2006.

K.G. Skip Weiss
K.G. Skip Weiss - Shazam! Shazam 2019 trailer2
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