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The Delaware Valley Daredevil

K.G. Skip Weiss - Washboard - Line Art

Washboard Player Extraordinaire

Songwriter - Guitar - Drums - Percussion
K.G. Skip Weiss - Pickin' Shed Jam - Albert Music Hall -  Pineland Cultural Socoiety - 2011-06

"Pickin' Shed Jam" at Albert Music Hall - Pineland Cultural Society 2011

(Rhythm, Timbre and Tones)

      Since 13 years of age, K.G. “Skip” Weiss has played drums and sung in the Delaware Valley and beyond, working with original rock, hard rock and heavy metal bands. In 2006 he came back to where he belongs artistically, Old Time Country and Bluegrass thanks to Rich Bishop who inspired K.G. “Rich gave me my first jaw harp and introduced me to the Albert Music Hall (The Pineland Cultural Society).”

      Weiss starts: “Around 1970 at the age of 4 or 5, I remember trying to emulate Roy Clark and sitting in the attic with my uncles old wooden Ludwig snare drum on my lap and strumming the snare wires like a banjo. I asked for one and the next year received a guitar which didn’t have the tone and appeal of the banjo. When I was 7, I was given a toy drum kit by an aunt and uncle and felt inspired again. So at 9, I asked for a real drum kit and the reply was: "You never played your guitar." To which my answer was: "I asked for a banjo." Skip saved money from doing lawns and odd jobs and bought his first real drum kit at the age of 11. He was immediately comfortable with holding a rhythm. Weiss took formal lessons with composer Christopher Orazi for the next three years and has been very proficient in his craft and finding “the pocket” since then.

      Since changing direction K.G. “Skip” Weiss a.k.a. "The Delaware Valley Daredevil" plays a mean washboard. He also plays: spoons, bones and has other tricks up his sleeve as he has: “...always experimented with percussive timbre.” But when not playing the washboard Skip still sits down behind a high milage but very nice, red, vintage Pearl kit with vintage Paiste and Ludwig/Paiste cymbals for a musical voice leaning toward Old Time Country, Swing or Blues.

      K.G. “Skip” Weiss is also a song writer, singer and string player (with a decent collection) who has also been known to fool around with granny's jug. He is now earnestly looking for that hard to find place for a “Washboard Player Extra-ordinaire” in the world of Bluegrass and/or drummer in the Old Time Country vein. K.G. says: “Hearing others play my music makes me very happy and I’m looking forward to hearing more.”


"Have Drums, Will Travel"


Seeking Cover

Bluegrass or Old Time Country Band

In need of a Hired Gun


This drummer with excellent timing

would also be willing to start a group from scratch

based on the lighter
Jug Band side of the American outlaw

do it your way, mind your business

but speak your mind and fight if you have to

way of life.

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